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Check these quilts out - they are finished, and ready to be shipped to you!!

Check out the latest Mystery Quilt! Kim Brunner and I teamed up with Craftsy.
I brought you the Mystery Pattern, and Kim is bringing you the Quilting Class!!
Step 1 starts here
The Rest of The steps are listed
Kim Brunners Machine Quilting Class

If you are like me you have squeezed in time and worked so hard on your quilt.
Maybe getting 15 minutes here and an hour there.
Now you want it finished so you can wrap yourself up in it,
or give it to that special person.

Let me help you get that quilt finished.

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or you can email me at E-mail Alycia directly.

Please call (970) 352 8802 or email (alyciac@quiltygirl.com) to make an appointment

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