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Quilting Services

These are approximate costs, I will determine the actual costs at discussion of specific quilt.

Basic Meander

Freehand stitching over the entire quilt surface, ranging from small to large in scale.


These are edge to edge designs - chosen from the many designs that I have or can find on the internet. Click here to see a sampling of what I have available.


This includes Stitch in the ditch, different border treatments, Custom Block Designs, etc.


I have Warm and Natural Batting, PolyDown, and Pellon 80/20 Batting. All of them are cream colored. Please let me know if you require a black batting. These battings are available here for your quilt at $.25 per inch X quilt length. PLUS 6" extra for attaching to the machine.

If you are supplying your own batting please make sure it is 6 inches bigger that the quilt top all the way around. For example if your quilt is 80 x 100 I will need 92 x 112 inches of batting.


Every color change is approx $5.00 per color. I like to match the back and the top colors, and will do it that way unless otherwise discussed.

General Information

Please press your quilt prior to delivery.

Threads should be clipped on the back side, as you don't want them to show thru the quilt when finished.

Please press the backing as well. If you are shipping the quilts please do press them and I will be able to do a light press before loading it on the machine.

Feel free to email pictures or send your quilt prior to quilting and I can help you come up with a design option.

Quilting Appointments

Appointments are scheduled in advance. Please call or email an I can tell you when to expect to send your quilt, and when it will be finished.

Calculating approximate quilting Cost

Quilting prices are calculated on a square inch basis. To find the square inch measurements of your quilt top, multiply the length times the width.

If you would like to send me your top you can print out the order form and attach it to the quilt.

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